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Since 1996, Archiplan srl has been working with great professionalism in the field of civil, tertiary and industrial construction.
The company was established by the Bruni and Pilotti families with the purpose of meeting the growing demand for maintenance of public housing property in Rome and its province. Over time, its expertise has increased and now the company deals with more complex construction work, such as the development of real estate assets, architectural restoration, renovation of public and private properties and complex restructuring of private real estate.
In time, the consolidation of the organizational structure has allowed the company to expand its market from Rome and Lazio to central Italy, and in particular to regions such as Tuscany and Abruzzo.
A substantial investment in human and material resources allows us to guarantee appropriate solutions for our clients’ various requirements which are studied in detail, whatever the form of intervention.
A team of highly qualified and reliable architects, surveyors and skilled workers can satisfy the needs and requests of every client, whether public or private.

The company’s entrepreneurial attitude is marked by its continuous evolution which has brought the volume of business from € 400.000 in 1998 to € 2.200.000 in 2010 with an average yearly increase of 14%.
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